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Sunday, September 27

I'm Singing!!!

This video describes my life ever since I left Peru! God is so good through hurtful times and I AM SINGING TO HIM!!! I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you!

Monday, September 21

Under the Sea in Trang

Athletes in Action had a day at the beach half way through our time in Trang! We went to four different beaches, and went into a cave on the first island! It was an awesome day! I love Thailand! The beaches are beautiful!

Wicked the Musical - Wicked on Broadway

I just figured out how to blog videos from and I wanted to share my MOST FAVORITIST Broadway Musical! I only saw it once in Atlanta and it was the most amazing thing ever! I loved it! So here is a video clip of the broadway musical- WICKED!!!

Saturday, September 19

Thai National Games 2009

This past week I have been in southern Thailand! The Thai National Games happen every year in a different province of Thailand, and this year it was in TRANG! I went down with a Campus Crusade for Christ ministry called Athletes in Action! Everyday we went around to many athletic events and built relationships with the athletes! We gave them a free DVD about Christian athletes and the Thai's loved receiving them. It has been an awesome experience and I would love to work with Athletes in Action on more projects! The Thai people are very interested in foreigners so it was very easy for me and I had people come up to me and I was able to share with them about being a Christian. It truly has been an overwhelming week of fun watching the games and most of all being able to share my faith with so many athletes! 

Athletes in Action targets athletes because they are respected and honored and it gives them a platform to speak out! I mean we all have been to a sporting event, right? Well think of how many people in the world go to those events and will listen to a famous athlete talk! Sometimes they even share in a gym with thousands of people and talk about their faith in Jesus Christ! Athletes in Action works in 85 countries, over 100 college campus in the USA, and 35 professional sports teams! 

Here is a video of my time...

Thursday, September 3

I just can't get enough of Thailand!!!!

These are a few things that I have had every day since I have been back in Thailand! Seriously I love them so much, I just can't get enough of them. And they are so cheap! I grew up having these and LOVE them so much!

Here is the famous Mama Noodles! Yum yum!

These chips are amazing and I had them all the time at recess at school!

This is somthing I kind of forgot about and now am so happy to have it. I seriously drink it all day long! It is orange juice that you mix with water! I love it!

Rice and Eggs! The BEST dish in the World!

Growing up I was always the girl that got up and made breakfast! Yes mom and dad would make others things sometimes for breakfast. But I LOVED having eggs and rice for breakfast and my sisters would always be eager to eat it with me in the morning before a long day of school! It is one of my most favorite childhood memories! Growing up in Thailand my sisters and I were definitely Asian kids because we all LOVE rice! After being away for so long we all have learned how to make Asian food in the USA. But it was very special for me to come back to my home after 7 years and make my favorite dish ever! I just wish my sisters were here so I could cook for them just like old times!

First fry up some eggs...

Then you add Jasmin rice, salt and pepper...

Then it is ready to be served...

This is the BEST part of the whole dish...
Golden Mountain (Soy Sauce)!
The best in the world!

Handsome Samson

My mom LOVES Sam, and talks to him all the time! But I think he is pretty handsome but she thinks he is the best thing EVER! When I showed her this picture she said,

"Wow, he is just so handsome!"

Nice Nails

I went to Nice Nails! This is a wonderful place that many people know about that have been to Chiang Mai! You sit in a big comfortable chair, and then they clean your feet till they are sparkling! Then they paint them and I wanted to get a flower this time! And the best part of it all is that it is cheap cheap!

Som Tam and Wii Night!

Pii BJ and Pii Lamai invited me over to their house to have dinner and to hang out! Pii Lamai asked me what I wanted for dinner, and I responded Som Tom with much excitement! Pii Lamai is one of the Thai Staff with Campus Crusade for Christ that lived in a village growing up and was a World Vision Child. Her and her husband are the Northern Region Directors for Thailand! They have two kids that are very involved as well in the ministry. So Pii Lamai is known for her Thai salad called Som Tom! I love it and have missed it so much! It was such a blessing to go over to their house and she even let me make it with her! Then we played Wii together!

Here is a picture of the table ready to make som tom!

This is me doing the Som Tom dance while making some for everyone! BJ is making sure I don't mess up!

Here is Pii Lamai's SPICY Som Tom. Can you see all the red peppers?

This is Pii Lamai and I playing tennis Wii! She even wore a UNI t-shirt for us!

I love you Pii Lamai!

Welcome to Chiang Mai!

When I got to Chiang Mai there were some of the Thai Staff and Greg and Becky Smith at the Airport to greet us! I LOVED it! I kind of even felt like crying! It was such a wonderful fun welcome home to Chiang Mai! I have not been to my home in 4 YEARS! It was such a exhilarating experience for me! I still have been amazed at all the things that have changed! It truly is a blessing to be home! To be completely honest, ever since I left Peru I have cried every night because I miss the South American culture. But my first night in Chiang Mai in my OWN BED, I went to sleep happy to finally be home!


In Bangkok- my first trip to 7-Eleven!

As soon as my parents and I landed in Bangkok, we checked into our lovely Convenient Resort room, and then we walked down the street to 7-Eleven store. They are everywhere in Thailand! It was so much fun to pick out all the things that I grew up on eating! It also has been so WONDERFUL to just hang out with my parents and talk to them about everything. My parents are the most gifted and inspiring missionaries ever!

Dad and I walking to the store and talking!

Making sure I have everything in the store! :)

Dad and I outside 7-eleven with all our yummy goods!!!

Traveling Companions!

It was really fun to travel back to Thailand with Mom and Dad! Over the past 7 years, ever since I graduated high school I have traveled alone. But it was REALLY fun to travel with mom and dad and the trip seemed so short. I didn't even have to worry about where to go and what time, I just followed my daddy, and he carried my passport and ticket. It also fun to have mom because she definitely kept me entertained the whole time. Of course you all know how gifted she is in talking, and so we always were discussing things the whole way. Well expect for when we got to Tokyo, she HAD to blog once we got to the Star Alliance Lounge! This is us on the LONGGGG plane ride to Tokyo!

Wednesday, September 2

Kelly Clarkson Concert!!!

I went and saw Kelly Clarkson in Concert at the Iowa State Fair! It was awesome! She is an amazing singer, and it was a really great concert! Here are some pictures of her!

My Wonderful Grandpa!

I went out to my grandparents grave site with my mom when I was in Iowa! It was a very special time! My grandfather- Leonard passed away just a few months ago, and everyone in the family still thinks about him and the impact he made on all of us. He was the most wonderful grandfather, and I am so thankful for his influence on my life personally. I am so thankful that he is in Heaven with my grandma- Lola! I can just picture them sitting with Jesus and having the best time ever!