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Saturday, October 25

My Training for the Mission Field!!!

FPO (Field Personel Orientation) Training!!!

Day 1: Monday, October 20th- Jon drove me to the airport at 5:00 in the morning! I was pumped! When I got there, I met a girl at the bus shuttle named Jacinda. I was funny because she was on both of my plan rides there. We went to get some food and then waited for the rest of the Missionaries to come in to take the shuttle out to the ILC!!! When we got there it felt like we were the first people there. But I checked in and meet some people and unpacked! It has been so much to meet so many different people going all over the world to serve Jesus!

Day 2: Tuesday. October 21st- I woke up and went out my building and saw 2 of my small group girls from conference! It was a great to reunite with these girls because we had been so close at the conference. At the conference we prayed together and really got close, so it was exciting to hear what the Lord had taught them while preparing to come to training. Then I mainly just hung out with friends all day and meet people! I meet Misty Boyett and she is the other girl doing Extreme Team! We spent alot of time hanging out and getting to know eachother! We also played ultimate frisbee and it was way fun! Then Amy Givens got here and she is just so silly and it was fun to caught up! We also went to the gym and played sports with a bunch of kids and families!

Day 3: Wednesday, October 22nd- This was the first day of meetings! Yipee! Alot of the talks were about what we are going to be doing and different rules and such on campus! This also was a funny day because the nurses came and shared about all the different shots we have to take to go overseas! Sandi Hammack was really funny! And they did funny skits about getting shots! Then they talked about Legal Affiars and I wanted to shot myself because it was boring! This night was fun because played 3 on 3 girls basketball in the gym! Brittany, Steppie, and Amy were on a team! Then me, Lee (who was in my small group), and Martha were on a team! I hang out with these girls alot and it's a fun athletic bond!

Day4: Thursday, October 23rd- This was an early day of 8:00am! This day they talked about Child Safety and being careful of molestation. It was really serious and we broke into small groups to discuss situations. Then after lunch our meeting was about Personal Evangelism. It was a good day but kind of long. Then we went to the gym and played volleyball and then basketball! It is so much to hang out and play sports! I feel like our group is a really athletic group and everyone loves to play sports! We also have 250 people here at our training including kids! It's a big group!

Day 5: Friday, October 24th- This was an awesome day of meetings! They talked about our personal walk with the Lord and how it is going to be the only thing that keeps us on the mission field! It was relayl good, and a really cute old couple shared. Then the rest of the day we had a silent spiritual retreat! It was awesome we grabbed a packed lunch and then went and spent 3 hours with God alone all over the campus! Then we shared for 3 hours about what God taught all of us! It was amazing and really encouraging! Then I went to the Vice Presidents house with a bunch of people and hung out with the President and Vice President and their wives! I talked to Bobbie Rankin (Presidents wife) a long time and it was realyl fun because they served in Thailand! Then when I got back we went bowling with like 30 single journeymen! It was really fun! Then I went back to hang out with the girls and talked! It was fun! :)