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Saturday, January 7

The Shack!!!

When terrible things happen what do you do? Is God really still good in it all? Can I trust God completely now that He lets bad things happen? How do I truly view God after bad things happen? In the past I personally have experienced anger, disbelief, frustration and lack of trust in God.

After reading the book The Shack my views have definitely changed. God is ALWAYS good even through the hurt and bad. But why do I trust God now? Maybe I always have but now I understand it more from reading this book. This book has some very interesting views on the Trinity, free will, submission, forgiveness, revelation and salvation. But why not challenge your views on God and read the book!

In The Shack, a man named Mack has something terrible happen to him, and then has an incredible chance to experience healing with the Trinity. In the the book, the whole time I was reading it I wanted to be there in the shack with Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu. I wanted to ask Papa questions I have always wanted to ask. What a great experience to have with the Trinity. BUT WAIT.....I can experience my own personal time in the shack everyday! I love you Papa, Jesus and Sarayu! Thank you for being so real in my life!