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Monday, February 16

Off to the Jungle!

Hey Friends and Family, I am going to be in the jungle for the next 3 months! So I just wanted to tell you I love you all and will be thinking about you in the JUNGLE! Love you!

Here is a video of my time in Guatemala!

My Teacher- Magaly!

For my last two weeks of class, I decided to switch teachers because I thought my Spanish would improve by listening to a different teacher and being exposed to different types of teachings. Little did I know, what the Lord had planned. My new teacher, Magaly, is pregnant and we have had a lot of fun conversations because my older sister just birthed her third child.  One day, we began talking about baptisms, as I eagerly wanted to learn more about Catholics. She told me a lot about the steps of being a Catholic and what she believed. Then as soon as she was done, she asked me, “Lori tell me what you believe!” As soon as she said that my heart started to beat really fast, because I knew this was time for the Lord to speak through me. I started talking about baptism and then ended up sharing pretty much the whole plan of salvation with her. But the biggest part of it all is that I shared it all in Spanish!!! God is so good and I truly felt Him speaking through me! I feel so blessed to be His servant in these times.  It is also amazing how the Lord prepares and equips us for exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. My old teacher, Diana and I had multiple conversations about the Lord, which helped prepare me for this time with Magaly.

Three days later, Magaly and I were talking about what we believe again, and she told me that she thinks that all the religions are okay but it just depends on the person and what is good for them. Well, as soon as she said that, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to share again. And I shared my whole testimony, and I truly felt the Holy Spirit giving me the words to say. It was another powerful moment that I truly feel blessed to be the Lords servant.

Two days before my last day of school, my teacher saw my Bible, Dios Habla Hoy and said she didn’t have one, and that she wished she did. She then talked about how she and her husband are trying to save money for their new baby. As soon as she said that I knew that I wanted to get her a Bible. This past week, I have been really sick and never had the opportunity to get her a Bible. Then, one of extreme team girls, said she didn’t know why but had an extra Spanish Bible, Dios Habla Hoy and wanted to know if anyone needed it. It was crazy how the Lord provided a Bible, and the exact Bible she wanted. So then I wrapped it up and gave it to her the last day of class. As soon as she opened it and saw that it was a Bible she held it close to her heart and said, “I have my own Bible now!” It was really cool! Then, she told me that every night she would think about how much she wanted a Bible of her own to read at night. She also said that in the past she would always go over to her cousin’s house to borrow the Bible to read. She was so pleased and proud to have a Bible of her very own. Please remember to pray for my teacher Malagly as she reads her new Bible everyday!