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Monday, December 21

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! Merry Christmas!!!

I am enjoying this holiday season in Thailand and wanted to write to give you an update about how I am doing. As you know, I came back from Peru in August and am no longer working with the IMB. Since then, I have been in Thailand and have spent time praying about my future and where the Lord wants me next. My two younger sisters just came to Thailand this week for Christmas as well, so this Christmas is going to be a special holiday in Thailand with the family!

These past few months I have had an awesome time here in Thailand just relaxing and healing from my experience in Peru. God is so good and I am learning so much about my gifts and how God can continue to use me with the people I am around. Right now I am studying the book of Luke and it is so amazing to learn about Jesus and his life here on earth. I am doing this study through a book called "Explore the Bible", written by a college professor. It really is making me look at the life of Jesus in a new and different way.

Since I have been home in Thailand, I have also been able to be involved in many ministries! The biggest involvement is everyday I am going out to help teach PE classes at Grace International School. This is the school that I graduated from and it has been so fun for me to reconnect with the students and teachers there. I have also been able to mentor some of the senior girls who have a lot of questions about college and transition back to the USA. These past few months, I coached U-13 Girls Soccer, and loved it so much! I learned a lot from those girls and especially learned a lot about teaching and leading young girls. Now that soccer is over, I have been asked to help as an assistant coach for the high school junior varsity girls basketball! Through these opportunities with the missionary kids at GIS, God has given me a passion to work with youth once again.

When I got back from Peru, I honestly was burnt out and didn't want to be involved with any Christian organization. But through time, healing, reflection, counsel, and mainly time with the Lord; God has made it clear to me that He has put a strong desire in my heart to work with youth and particularly missionary kids. Through a lot of prayer, and counsel I have made a decision to apply to work with a ministry called MK2MK (missionary kid to missionary kid). This ministry is a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. The goal of this ministry is to disciple and help missionary kids while they are on their foreign assignment, help them to have a smooth transition back to their home country, and to help prepare them to serve God wherever He leads them in their future. Since I grew up being a missionary kid myself and love working with youth, this seems like a great fit for me but most important I really feel led by the Lord to pursue this ministry. I am very excited that the Lord has led me down this road to apply to work on this team! It is exciting for me to think of how I could be an encouragement to other MK's and help have an eternal impact in their lives.

I have not been accepted yet, but want to ask you to PRAY with me about my future. I really only want to be where God wants me to be. If this is not His plan for me, I want Him to close the door and if it is-- I want His plan to be clear to me. I would love to hear back from you about where you are in the life journey as well! Please email and so I can know more about how I can pray for you!


Lori Christian

Sunday, December 6

A Proud Soccer Coach!

Right now I am really sad because SOCCER SEASON is over! I had a blast coaching the U13 Girls Soccer Team from Grace International School! God taught me so much about being a compassionate leader to those girls this season. Since I played college soccer I know what it means to really work hard at a sport and give it your all. I learned so much about teamwork while playing in college and really wanted to teach that to the U13 girls.

But I am not going to lie, it was hard to coach at times and teach them how to push themselves. There were so many times I wish I could just play again, and be on the field playing along side of the girls. All the girls were under 13 years old, and they were very dramatic and sensitive to with everything on and off the field. It was a challenge to keep encouraging the girls even when we would be losing a game, and really teach them about glorifying God win or lose! After I saw the tears were contagious and would really get the rest of the team down, I knew that I needed to do something as a leader. So... I told them "No More Crying, unless you are physically hurt"! I told them that if we are losing then we need to keep trying and not give up and go and cry.

At this age I had to continually ask them these points after every practice and game...

How did YOU?....
1. Glorify God today on the field!
2. Have fun!
3. Get better, grow or improve at a skill!

These three things can be taken into everyday circumstances. I told the girls that this should be on and off the field! Yeah we did not win every game but the girls really improved and grew so much! I am so proud of them and their hard work! And I praise God for an awesome ministry to invested into these young girls lives and the lessons I learned from them. To be a leader is to be a servant, and admit when you are wrong. I know I am not the best coach in the world but I do know that God has blessed me with a great experience to grow and learn from this awesome team!

Wednesday, November 11

Sunday, November 8

Loy Kratong!

This year I was not really into the Buddhist holiday that is celebrated in Thailand called Loy Kratong! I had a really bad experience in Peru with spiritual warfare that was really hard for me. So I don't want to have anything to do with any sort of spirit worship. Right now I am just praising the Lord everyday and giving Him the Glory for all the victory that He has in my life! Here is a picture that mom took of me in the back street while dad was playing with the fireworks! Fireworks are the best part of any holiday, and they really are harmless! Well except when you are around my dad, and he gets in a silly mood and starts throwing them at you! hahaha I love my dad!

Our First House in Chiang Mai!!!

When our family first moved to Chiang Mai we lived in a house out in the country! A few weeks ago I begged my mom to take me out to look at the area and the house. It is so sad to see how everything has changed. Here are some pictures of what it looks like now...

Here is the house now!

This is the lot where I had my very first horse live!
Oh Jimmy was the BEST experience ever!

Yup, there still are goats roaming everywhere!
It's because out house was right next to a muslim mosque!

Saturday, October 10

Mae Ngad Dam!

I went to the reservoir where the movie "Rambo IV" was filmed with the Thai Staff, and it was so much fun! It was just a get-away for the Thai Staff to relax, and a celebration for finishing off there year on the college campuses! Here are just a few pictures of what went down!

Pii Dew and I on the boat ride out to the Boat houses!

As soon as we got out to our floating houses we began to fish!

New and I getting ready to fish!

Getting a thai wash and massage at the Lake! It was awesome!

The Big fish that took 4 people to catch!

Dad with his trophies!

Pii Lamai and I with our catches!

New showing us his strong man shot with all the fish that were caught.

Kuala Lumpur Towers

I had to go to another country to get a new visa, so my mom and I found really cheap plane tickets to Malaysia! We went to Kuala Lumpur, and were able to see THE WORLDS TALLEST TWIN TOWERS! No joke! It was breath-taking, and so much fun! Here are some pictures of the famous towers!

My sweet photography skills!

Mom caught a photo of me at work! haha!

Bottom view!

The view from the middle bridge looking down!

The view from the middle bridge looking out to the city!

Mom and I on the middle bridge! The tour was awesome!

This is me sporting my Thai t-shirt in front of


Here is round two of Nice Nails! I love Thailand!

Sunday, September 27

I'm Singing!!!

This video describes my life ever since I left Peru! God is so good through hurtful times and I AM SINGING TO HIM!!! I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you!

Monday, September 21

Under the Sea in Trang

Athletes in Action had a day at the beach half way through our time in Trang! We went to four different beaches, and went into a cave on the first island! It was an awesome day! I love Thailand! The beaches are beautiful!

Wicked the Musical - Wicked on Broadway

I just figured out how to blog videos from and I wanted to share my MOST FAVORITIST Broadway Musical! I only saw it once in Atlanta and it was the most amazing thing ever! I loved it! So here is a video clip of the broadway musical- WICKED!!!

Saturday, September 19

Thai National Games 2009

This past week I have been in southern Thailand! The Thai National Games happen every year in a different province of Thailand, and this year it was in TRANG! I went down with a Campus Crusade for Christ ministry called Athletes in Action! Everyday we went around to many athletic events and built relationships with the athletes! We gave them a free DVD about Christian athletes and the Thai's loved receiving them. It has been an awesome experience and I would love to work with Athletes in Action on more projects! The Thai people are very interested in foreigners so it was very easy for me and I had people come up to me and I was able to share with them about being a Christian. It truly has been an overwhelming week of fun watching the games and most of all being able to share my faith with so many athletes! 

Athletes in Action targets athletes because they are respected and honored and it gives them a platform to speak out! I mean we all have been to a sporting event, right? Well think of how many people in the world go to those events and will listen to a famous athlete talk! Sometimes they even share in a gym with thousands of people and talk about their faith in Jesus Christ! Athletes in Action works in 85 countries, over 100 college campus in the USA, and 35 professional sports teams! 

Here is a video of my time...

Thursday, September 3

I just can't get enough of Thailand!!!!

These are a few things that I have had every day since I have been back in Thailand! Seriously I love them so much, I just can't get enough of them. And they are so cheap! I grew up having these and LOVE them so much!

Here is the famous Mama Noodles! Yum yum!

These chips are amazing and I had them all the time at recess at school!

This is somthing I kind of forgot about and now am so happy to have it. I seriously drink it all day long! It is orange juice that you mix with water! I love it!

Rice and Eggs! The BEST dish in the World!

Growing up I was always the girl that got up and made breakfast! Yes mom and dad would make others things sometimes for breakfast. But I LOVED having eggs and rice for breakfast and my sisters would always be eager to eat it with me in the morning before a long day of school! It is one of my most favorite childhood memories! Growing up in Thailand my sisters and I were definitely Asian kids because we all LOVE rice! After being away for so long we all have learned how to make Asian food in the USA. But it was very special for me to come back to my home after 7 years and make my favorite dish ever! I just wish my sisters were here so I could cook for them just like old times!

First fry up some eggs...

Then you add Jasmin rice, salt and pepper...

Then it is ready to be served...

This is the BEST part of the whole dish...
Golden Mountain (Soy Sauce)!
The best in the world!

Handsome Samson

My mom LOVES Sam, and talks to him all the time! But I think he is pretty handsome but she thinks he is the best thing EVER! When I showed her this picture she said,

"Wow, he is just so handsome!"

Nice Nails

I went to Nice Nails! This is a wonderful place that many people know about that have been to Chiang Mai! You sit in a big comfortable chair, and then they clean your feet till they are sparkling! Then they paint them and I wanted to get a flower this time! And the best part of it all is that it is cheap cheap!

Som Tam and Wii Night!

Pii BJ and Pii Lamai invited me over to their house to have dinner and to hang out! Pii Lamai asked me what I wanted for dinner, and I responded Som Tom with much excitement! Pii Lamai is one of the Thai Staff with Campus Crusade for Christ that lived in a village growing up and was a World Vision Child. Her and her husband are the Northern Region Directors for Thailand! They have two kids that are very involved as well in the ministry. So Pii Lamai is known for her Thai salad called Som Tom! I love it and have missed it so much! It was such a blessing to go over to their house and she even let me make it with her! Then we played Wii together!

Here is a picture of the table ready to make som tom!

This is me doing the Som Tom dance while making some for everyone! BJ is making sure I don't mess up!

Here is Pii Lamai's SPICY Som Tom. Can you see all the red peppers?

This is Pii Lamai and I playing tennis Wii! She even wore a UNI t-shirt for us!

I love you Pii Lamai!

Welcome to Chiang Mai!

When I got to Chiang Mai there were some of the Thai Staff and Greg and Becky Smith at the Airport to greet us! I LOVED it! I kind of even felt like crying! It was such a wonderful fun welcome home to Chiang Mai! I have not been to my home in 4 YEARS! It was such a exhilarating experience for me! I still have been amazed at all the things that have changed! It truly is a blessing to be home! To be completely honest, ever since I left Peru I have cried every night because I miss the South American culture. But my first night in Chiang Mai in my OWN BED, I went to sleep happy to finally be home!


In Bangkok- my first trip to 7-Eleven!

As soon as my parents and I landed in Bangkok, we checked into our lovely Convenient Resort room, and then we walked down the street to 7-Eleven store. They are everywhere in Thailand! It was so much fun to pick out all the things that I grew up on eating! It also has been so WONDERFUL to just hang out with my parents and talk to them about everything. My parents are the most gifted and inspiring missionaries ever!

Dad and I walking to the store and talking!

Making sure I have everything in the store! :)

Dad and I outside 7-eleven with all our yummy goods!!!

Traveling Companions!

It was really fun to travel back to Thailand with Mom and Dad! Over the past 7 years, ever since I graduated high school I have traveled alone. But it was REALLY fun to travel with mom and dad and the trip seemed so short. I didn't even have to worry about where to go and what time, I just followed my daddy, and he carried my passport and ticket. It also fun to have mom because she definitely kept me entertained the whole time. Of course you all know how gifted she is in talking, and so we always were discussing things the whole way. Well expect for when we got to Tokyo, she HAD to blog once we got to the Star Alliance Lounge! This is us on the LONGGGG plane ride to Tokyo!

Wednesday, September 2

Kelly Clarkson Concert!!!

I went and saw Kelly Clarkson in Concert at the Iowa State Fair! It was awesome! She is an amazing singer, and it was a really great concert! Here are some pictures of her!

My Wonderful Grandpa!

I went out to my grandparents grave site with my mom when I was in Iowa! It was a very special time! My grandfather- Leonard passed away just a few months ago, and everyone in the family still thinks about him and the impact he made on all of us. He was the most wonderful grandfather, and I am so thankful for his influence on my life personally. I am so thankful that he is in Heaven with my grandma- Lola! I can just picture them sitting with Jesus and having the best time ever!

Wednesday, August 5

Update on Life!!!

This is Lori Christian, writing from the USA! Yes, I know you are probably in shock and I want you to know that it’s been quite the difficult journey for me this past two weeks. Last October, 2008 I joined the IMB mission and left in January, 2009 for South America, and was so excited about serving God with the IMB. Now, 10 months later- God has shown me through my team and parents that the “Extreme Team” was not a good fit for me. Through a lot of prayer and seeking God- we decided it was best for me to return home for awhile. I have decided to resign from the IMB for now.
I loved Peru so much and continue to have a huge heart for the people of Peru and still want to serve God with my life on the mission field. It was extremely difficult to leave, and I really want to return to serve the Lord in South America! To be honest, there is a lot that I don’t understand about why God has brought me back to the USA but I do know that God made it very clear to me. I am still confused about what happened during my time in Peru and need some time to process. The biggest encouragement for me now is to remember that God still loves me and has a plan for me and my life and all that has happened. A verse that is helping me through this time is Romans 8:28-30. I know that God will bring good out of this, but it is just difficult to understand right now when I am facing shattered dreams.

I appreciate so much your support and prayers for me during this past year and want to ask you to continue to pray for me when you think of me. Right now, my plan is to go back to Thailand with my parents when they return in a few weeks and seek God there for His next chapter in my life. I know this is just another step in the journey, and am excited to see where he leads me. My main prayer requests are:

1) That I would be totally open and teachable to learn what God wants me to learn during this time.
2) That God would guard my heart against bitterness for misunderstandings.
3) That as I seek God for what I should do next that I would truly know His plan for me for the future.
4) That during this time of transition, that I could still be available to be used of God in peoples lives wherever I am.

Thank you again for your love and support and I look forward to sharing with you in the future as God reveals more to me my future plans. You all mean so much to me and I still need your love and support of prayers. I thank God so much for putting such amazing people in my life to pray for me and support me in this time.

Only By God’s Perfect Grace and In His Loving Arms,
Lori Lynn Christian

Tuesday, July 14

The Biggest Sacrifice? And the 1st Church?

After studying the book of Acts and the missionaries in the New Testament I have learned that sacrifice should be a daily thing. God calls us to give our all in everything to serve Him. For example the apostle Paul was in Lystra just passing through and healing a cripple man. As a result the people wanted to sacrifice Paul and Barnabas because they thought they were gods but they managed to escape. "Then some Jews same from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over. They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead. But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city. (Acts 14:19-20)" This is just an incredible example of sacrifice in many ways. Paul was an apostle, and his desire in life was to present the truth to everyone possible even if it meant to be stoned, beaten twice, put in prison, shipwrecked, almost froze to death and last we just read was left for dead. In verse 19, I just can't get over the fact that they thought he was dead, and left him. Then what does he do after that? Walks back into the city. Paul wanted to people to know about Jesus even if it meant that he had to be persecuted.

All the apostles suffered many things for the gospel of God's grace to be shared. As Jesus Christ last words to his disciples were to "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. (Matthew 28:18-20)" After Christ said these clear words of go and make churches all over the world, we then read what happened chronologically next. THE 1st CHURCHES as we read about in Acts. This has been incredible to read and study through my training in Peru and even memorize in Spanish to share with new believers. The 1st churches were planted only because of the sacrifice of the disciples desire to follow Christ command to us.
I think about my life of sacrifice over the past few months, and the extreme sacrifices I have made. I truly convinced that the biggest sacrifice is different for everyone because God has made us so differently. But the hardest thing for you to give up or force yourself to do is what the Lord wants because He wants your everything. Being a Christian should not be easy but a daily sacrifice to the our Lord Jesus Christ.

Acts 20:23-24 Paul says "I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me. However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me- the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Paul considers his life worth nothing? So he can finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus Christ as given Him. Well what was that task he wanted to finish? Well in Romans 1:1-17 Paul is explaining his calling and has a plan as an apostle. Paul says, "So that I may impart to you some spiritual gifts to make you strong- that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each others faith. I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both wise and the foolish. I am so eager to preach the gospel also to you. (Romans 1:11-12, 14-15)" Paul knew that he was called to share the gospel and nothing could stand in the way. He also says that "besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches.(2 Corinthians 11:28)"

Paul knew that his whole life was a sacrifice to serve the Lord, and was willing to give it all up. Sometimes I think what do I value so much in life that maybe I need to give up to the Lord so I can be more focused on serving our Lord Jesus Christ. How can I serve Christ in a sacrificing lifestyle? If God called me give to up the most important thing to have someone else hear the gospel would I do it? Would you do it?

Friday, May 15

Off to the Jungle...

Tomorrow I am off to the jungle again for more training. It will be about 2 more months of communication. Please be praying for strength to keep going and physical endurance as we live in very hot conditions. Wisdom and knowledge in learning more bible stories in Spanish, and understanding of the new concept of house church. Unity with our team mates but most of all LOVE from the Lord to over flow into the people around me. Love you and see you in 2 months!

Spiritual Warefare is real...

Well my life has been extremely crazy for the past few days. I have seen spiritual warefare a little bit in Thailand growing up and had bad dreams but never like this. On Monday, May 11th was when it started.

I woke up completely tired from having alot of bads dreams, and told my friends to pray for me because I was so tired. Then I went into the bedroom and read the whole book of 1 John, and fell asleep praying. I then saw some really crazy things that I do not care to describe, and was told by this demonic man to get out of here and that I had to get on the floor. I was terrified and got on the floor, and that is all I remember. Well my friends tell me that they came in the room and tried to wake me up because I was lashing around on the floor and crying. They then called my boss and his wife and they came over and tried to wake me up as well. They were praying over me and trying to talk to me but I did not respond. Then after about 15 minutes they tried to sit me up and I woke up. I then remember waking up to everyone looking at me, and then I started to cry because I was scared of the man that yelled at me. I had a terrible headache and was completely exhausted, and was sweating really bad.

Then that evening after alot of prayer and a long time for me to finally go to sleep I woke up and wasn´t having any dreams but I could not breathe. It felt like someone was on my chest or was choking me.

This was just a start of terrible dreams I have had for the past 5 days. I KNOW that God allows things to happen to us for a purpose and that He is always right there with me when these things are happening. But it has been extremely hard right now. I have talked with my parents about this and some other people about why and what I need to do in this time. God is teaching me alot about who I am and what sin I need to confess. I also know that Satan does not want me here on the mission field and sees me as a threat. But who cares what Satan thinks, he is a toothless liar and I am going to keep fighting for my Lord Jesus.

The missionfield is a battlefield and Spiritual Warefare is real. But God is in control and has won the VICTORY over all!!!

Wednesday, May 13

My dreams...

Demon Dreams
Douglas Palmer

When I dream
Walking through hell
It seems some one has cast a spell
Demons in my head
Shut up
Im paralyzed now
Curse the demon
And im free
But only for a moment
Then im stuck again
But there is a light
I glimpse at it
And I see you
The demons
Are screaming now
For they have no power how

Monday, May 11

Mixed Emotions...

Well I have been out of the jungle and life here on the mission field is really hard. There are so many times I wonder why I got myself into this. I really do miss my friends and family alot, and pray for them all the time when I miss them. I just really want to be real about what is going on in my life. So here is goes... I really feel when people say I am going to the mission field that they are going into a serious battlefield. I am daily on my knees talking to the Lord about everything in life. I have had so many attacks from Satan as far as sickness, friendship problems, bad dreams, sin, my own sinful self, and the list goes on. It is these times I just want to leave the frontline of the battle field and go home and just be loved on. But it is in these times that I know I am going through the struggles and hard times. I seriously feel beaten and hurt, and just want to leave. But I know the Lord has called me here and I am going to keep fighting in the battle for my Lord Jesus. The verse that I have been praying over daily in my life is Jeams 1:2

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when ever face trails of many kinds, because you that the know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance."

God has been so good but it truly is so hard for me to be here on the missionfield at times. But I just have to keep fighting for my Lord.

Also alot of changes have happened on the extreme team and somtimes it is really hard to obey my leaders in times. But it says directly in Hebrews 13:17 "obey your leaders and submit to their authority". It is not like I don't like my leaders and respect them at all, I just am having a hard time with some of the decisions.

Thursday, May 7

Jungle Struggle...

Well I am out of the jungle again, and so much is going on. I can't even explain what I am going through. I so badly just want to just sit down with all of you for days and share with you what the Lord is teaching me about my sins. Wow I have never been attacked so much by Satan in my life. I have learned that I am at WAR daily with dark forces and my own self. God is good and I truly have learned to just fall on my face before Him when no one else is there and run to Him! There are so many times I feel alone and not loved but God is all I need. The number one thing that is hard is the relationships, and I am always crying and broken over that. I have learned that I struggle so much with wanting so bad to be close to one person and have such a strong desire to have a best friend always in my life. Or even just to get married and always have my husband there with me. Which is weird because I have never struggled with being single. But that is wrong because I should run to God and have Him be my best friend, and human love is NOTHING compared to God's love over me. I love you all and miss you so much, and pray for you all the time.

Monday, February 16

Off to the Jungle!

Hey Friends and Family, I am going to be in the jungle for the next 3 months! So I just wanted to tell you I love you all and will be thinking about you in the JUNGLE! Love you!

Here is a video of my time in Guatemala!

My Teacher- Magaly!

For my last two weeks of class, I decided to switch teachers because I thought my Spanish would improve by listening to a different teacher and being exposed to different types of teachings. Little did I know, what the Lord had planned. My new teacher, Magaly, is pregnant and we have had a lot of fun conversations because my older sister just birthed her third child.  One day, we began talking about baptisms, as I eagerly wanted to learn more about Catholics. She told me a lot about the steps of being a Catholic and what she believed. Then as soon as she was done, she asked me, “Lori tell me what you believe!” As soon as she said that my heart started to beat really fast, because I knew this was time for the Lord to speak through me. I started talking about baptism and then ended up sharing pretty much the whole plan of salvation with her. But the biggest part of it all is that I shared it all in Spanish!!! God is so good and I truly felt Him speaking through me! I feel so blessed to be His servant in these times.  It is also amazing how the Lord prepares and equips us for exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. My old teacher, Diana and I had multiple conversations about the Lord, which helped prepare me for this time with Magaly.

Three days later, Magaly and I were talking about what we believe again, and she told me that she thinks that all the religions are okay but it just depends on the person and what is good for them. Well, as soon as she said that, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to share again. And I shared my whole testimony, and I truly felt the Holy Spirit giving me the words to say. It was another powerful moment that I truly feel blessed to be the Lords servant.

Two days before my last day of school, my teacher saw my Bible, Dios Habla Hoy and said she didn’t have one, and that she wished she did. She then talked about how she and her husband are trying to save money for their new baby. As soon as she said that I knew that I wanted to get her a Bible. This past week, I have been really sick and never had the opportunity to get her a Bible. Then, one of extreme team girls, said she didn’t know why but had an extra Spanish Bible, Dios Habla Hoy and wanted to know if anyone needed it. It was crazy how the Lord provided a Bible, and the exact Bible she wanted. So then I wrapped it up and gave it to her the last day of class. As soon as she opened it and saw that it was a Bible she held it close to her heart and said, “I have my own Bible now!” It was really cool! Then, she told me that every night she would think about how much she wanted a Bible of her own to read at night. She also said that in the past she would always go over to her cousin’s house to borrow the Bible to read. She was so pleased and proud to have a Bible of her very own. Please remember to pray for my teacher Malagly as she reads her new Bible everyday! 

Friday, January 30

Mi Familia en San Juan!

The other day I was playing the card game Uno with my brother, Fabio and his cousin, Jessi. Since I still can’t say complete sentences in Spanish, its always funny so we just laugh and have a good time. During the game my mom, Olga, was making dinner in the kitchen and came out and said, “I just had to tell you that I have been listening to you guys talk, and Lori you’re speaking so good in Spanish.” This made me smile and I was really encouraged.  The next day, as I was eating dinner with my mom, she shared that there have been a lot of students that have come and lived with them in the past, and that Fabio, my brother never talked to them. She continued, saying that he loves me, is always excited to see me, and wants to talk to me all the time. She also said that Jessi, Fabio’s cousin also loves coming over to see me and hang out, too. I love playing cards with them and it’s always a great surprise to come home to find cards and bracelets and candy they’ve made for me! The Lord is truly working through me and building strong wonderful relationship with people here like my brother.

Another HUGE blessing is my relationship with my mom, Olga! Some of the best times I have had here are sitting at the table and just speaking Spanish with her. We have such a precious relationship, and I thank God so much for it! One day she told me that she prayed for me to learn Spanish fast so that we could talk together more. Another day she was not feeling well, so I mopped for her while she shared stories with me in Spanish. Sometimes we pass each other and don’t say anything but just giggle and smile. My dad, Vinicio, is a teacher at my Spanish school and always asks me if I need help with homework. He also has the funniest stories to share and I can’t tell you how much I love them!

Please pray for my family here in San Juan! They are Catholic and I am still trying to learn enough Spanish to share more with them about my beliefs in the Lord. My family here is wonderful and I praise God for them and His amazing faithfulness!  

God's Provision!

Right now I am listening to one of my favorite songs and wanted to share it with you… 

“If I never get to see another rainbow, or share another laugh with a friend. If I never have another prayer that’s answered, or have another blessing come my way, Father I will still have to say… You have been good! Yet I am in wonder how could it be? In SO MANY WAYS YOU’VE Been GOOD TO ME!” If suddenly it all were ended, and your blessings disappeared, looking back over a lifetime, the evidence is clear! You have been GOOD! Yet I am in WONDER how could it be! In so many ways you have been good to me!”

There are so many things that I am thankful for right now, and I am truly in wonder of God and His PROVISION! God is so good and I am so blessed to be here in Guatemala learning a new language! I feel like I have waited my whole life for this time to serve my Lord Jesus as a missionary. I so believe that being a missionary is the BEST job in the world! It is such a joy to be the Lord’s servant and have Him work through me in so many different ways! I feel the POWER of prayer daily over me, from when I wake up in the morning, until I lay down at night. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes thinking about the support that I have and I praise God for each of you.

The biggest story I want to share is about the LORD’S PROVISION! Yesterday during class my Spanish teacher, Diana, shared with me some things that were really difficult to hear. First of all, my teacher is the only Christian teacher with the school we attend. She has an incredible testimony and has shared powerful stories about how the Lord has worked in her family’s life and provided in times of incredible need. A few months ago God told my teacher’s dad to start a project for children with no food. Their whole family fasted and the Lord revealed to the family through dreams and visions how to start the project.  Now this dream is a developing ministry feeding nearly 150 kids daily who otherwise would not have food.

Yesterday Diana was telling me that her family is experiencing spiritual attacks from the devil and some financial difficulties as a result of her husband recently loosing his job. Diana has had dreams of demons chasing her in a forest and stabbing her in the back, and her younger brother has also had dreams of demons attacking in the night. One morning Diana’s daughter came to the breakfast table and said, “Mom, look God provides for us, I just found $3 in my room.” This made me cry. But, the whole time my teacher was sharing she was smiling and telling me that God is good and that He is our Provider. Well, I wish I could share ALL the details but let me just say that some people and I came together and were able to help my teacher. And when I gave her this gift, I looked into her eyes and said “Dios es Provider!” Wow, I have read so many times in the Bible about how the Lord has provided for His people, and have shared how He has provided in my life. But the power of saying, “God is our Provider” in another language and another culture was truly powerful. God can use anyone, in any culture all over the world! I just feel so blessed to be used by Him, and be apart of the mission field and GOD’S PROVSION! 

Sunday, January 25

This is ME on my birthday with my wonderful chicken pinata!

Mi Cumpliano!!!

Así que solo tenía mi cumpleaños el 21 de enero, y quería compartir ¿por qué un brithday en un país diferente es tan divertido! Aquí están los top 10 razones de por qué me encantó...

10. Me desperté en petardos fuera de mi puerta a las 6:00 de la mañana en mi cumpleaños!
9. Me golpeó un pollo piñata y sudado porque era tan duro en mi cumpleaños!
8. COMÍ chocolate cake con mis profesores de español en mi cumpleaños!
7. Mi maestro traducido Christian español canciones para mí durante la clase de mi cumpleaños!
6. Todos mis amigos y yo alquila scooters y obligaron a alrededor de la ciudad y tuvo algunas aventuras locas el fin de semana de mi cumpleaños!
5. Me fui a hablar con mi familia en skype sobre mi cumpleaños!
4. Me da una dulce cuchillo de Misty y un imponente camisa de amy de Gaute sobre mi cumpleaños!
3. Salí y tuvo un último spegetti cena con algunos de mis mejores amigos nunca!
2. Hablé con Jessica Sorrel sobre Skype (uno de mis mejores amigos, quien se encuentra en Perú ahora)!
1. Y la mejor parte de mi cumpleaños fue deslizarse en la montaña en mi scooter y frenado para estimado vida en la noche oscura!

Okay here it is in English! :) So I just had my birthday on January 21st, and I wanted to share why having a brithday in a different counry is so much fun! Here are the top 10 reasons why I loved it...

10. I woke up to firecrackers outside my door at 6:00 in the morning on my birthday!
9. I hit a chicken pinata and sweated because it was so hard on my birthday!
8. I ate chocolate cake with my spanish teachers on my birthday!
7. My teacher translated Christian spanish songs for me during class on my birthday!
6. All my friends and I rented scooters and drove them around town and had some crazy adventures the weekend of my birthday!
5. I got to talk with my family on skype on my birthday!
4. I got a sweet knife from Misty and an awesome shirt from Amy from Gaute on my birthday!
3. I went out and had an amzing spegetti dinner with some of my best friends ever!
2. I talked to Jessica Sorrel on Skype (one of my best friends, who is in Peru right now)!
1. And the BEST part of my birthday was sliding down the mountain on my scooter and braking for dear life in the dark night!

Monday, January 12

Life in muy bieno!

So I've been in Guatemala for a little over a week now and it's been awesome! I've already learned a few things and was inspired by one of my friends to put them into a top ten list... so here it is!

10- If you don't eat everything on your plate- they start to give you less food...
9- It's no big deal to see chickens wandering around the school...
8- Pedestrians do NOT have the right away...
7- Buses have NO maximum capacity...
6- Dogs are everywhere and fight constantly!!
5- If you aren't fluent in Spanish (like i) you do a lot of charades to communicate with the people you live with, especially at dinner...
4- As you learn Spanish, your English gets worse!
3- Fireworks go off often- anytime of the day or night... and sometimes right outside your door!
2- ¨Papas Fritas¨ are the best words in Spanish that I have learned...which means french fries.
1- The best time to take a shower is the middle of the day because hot is relative.. meaning it's not exactly a hot shower but more like an almost lukewarm shower (and when i say almost lukewarm- i mean on the cold side...)

Seriously, Guatemala is great! It's beautiful here! The family I'm living with is really amazing! My mama cooks the best food, and knows exactly what I need, it truly is a blessing. I don't have a whole lot of time today to tell everything but God is so good!! He has been teaching me so much!! I have been reading in my chronological Bible and LOVE it. Sometimes I don´t want to study Spanish and just read different stories from the Bible!

Some things to pray for are...
-For fluency in Spanish! I'm picking it up and can understand a whole lot more than before so that's good!
-My family that I'm living with! They are not Christians and every meal time I sit down and just talk about everything, and we have already talked about God, which is awesome for as little as Spanish I know right now.
-My health!

Love you Family!
Thanks Ellen!