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Friday, December 31

Lockard Love!!!

While being in Iowa over this break I have spent some time with the Lockard kids!!! And I just love them and think they are the coolest!!
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Thursday, December 30

Icicles in Iowa!!!

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Only in Iowa!!!

I have been seeing the most interesting things in Iowa. My dad wanted to take his deer meat and turn it into jerky. So since I am such a curious person I started asking questions and they showed me a dead cow that they were cutting up. So cool!
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I always have interesting dreams, and I think I am going to start to record them.

I was on a searching journey for something like to get out. In the middle of the dream I was trying to find tennis shoes for a bunch of people and someone got mad and drank something and slowly died and went to another world. Then it slowly happened to everyone.

Next section of the dream I was swimming in a brown river with many forks. Then I came up to two guys and they said to follow the river to the right and then their will be 4 cave tunnels and to take the fourth tunnel and that is where I will meet the whale and the whale will help me!'>Dreams
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