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Tuesday, January 11

Night Shift at Thousand Pines!!!

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Saturday, January 8

Settlers of Catan!!!

I have played this game so many times. This is my 2nd night in a row till 2:30 in the morning!!!
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Sunday, January 2

Saying goodbye.

Right now I am sitting in Denver Colorado waiting for my plane to California. This morning I said goodbye to my mom for 3 months, and my dad for a whole year. As I sat on the plane I started to cry because I realized that I forgot my moms homemade cookies in the van. Goodbyes are always such a hard thing when my parents are so far away. But dad always says that the bigger the sacrifice we give to the Lord the greater the reward in heaven! So Iowa was such a freezing ice box for Christmas, and I thought it would be a boring time but it actually was an incredible time with the family! We did so many things like sledding, snowmobiling, UNI basketball games, building snowmen, hunting, and showing Michael and Ben our old memories growing up in Iowa. Thanks mom and dad you made this Christmas break so much fun, and I love you and am so thankful.for such fun parents!!!
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