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Wednesday, November 11

Sunday, November 8

Loy Kratong!

This year I was not really into the Buddhist holiday that is celebrated in Thailand called Loy Kratong! I had a really bad experience in Peru with spiritual warfare that was really hard for me. So I don't want to have anything to do with any sort of spirit worship. Right now I am just praising the Lord everyday and giving Him the Glory for all the victory that He has in my life! Here is a picture that mom took of me in the back street while dad was playing with the fireworks! Fireworks are the best part of any holiday, and they really are harmless! Well except when you are around my dad, and he gets in a silly mood and starts throwing them at you! hahaha I love my dad!

Our First House in Chiang Mai!!!

When our family first moved to Chiang Mai we lived in a house out in the country! A few weeks ago I begged my mom to take me out to look at the area and the house. It is so sad to see how everything has changed. Here are some pictures of what it looks like now...

Here is the house now!

This is the lot where I had my very first horse live!
Oh Jimmy was the BEST experience ever!

Yup, there still are goats roaming everywhere!
It's because out house was right next to a muslim mosque!