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Saturday, February 26

Two and Half Feet of Snow In Crestline???

I went to sleep last night with lots of snow falling! When i woke up here were some pictures of my first intense SNOWED IN experience! The best part was opening the door to go to work! It was a great day to be at camp! I got to hang out outside in the snow and run the snow hill. I watched campers fly in the air on inter tubes!!! Such a great day!

Sunday, February 20

Craft Time with the Girls!!!!

We had a girls day and it was so much fun! We started the day off by going to the mall and shopping together! Then we went over to Megan's house, and had did some sweet crafts!

Here we are around the table busy at work!

I learned how to make cute little flowers and sewed them on my shoes!

Here is the finish look of this project!

We all made headbands out of ribbons!

Saturday, February 12

Paintball is Intense!!!!

Today at Paintball we were waiting for the campers to come to the session and had some free time! Well Jason and Jake informed me that they have been shot really close before and that I should try it! So here is a video of my being shot with a paintball marker ONLY 10 feet away!!! Oh the Pain! But so much fun!

Sunday, February 6

A Day at the Beach!!!

Today Gloria, Tiffany, and I decided to drive down to Huntington Beach! It was a wonderful time to spend time with friends, and the Lord! The drive was over an hour and so we had great encouraging conversation there and back! On the way we stopped and got In and Out burgers....So yummy in my tummy!

Once we got to the beach I put on my Ipod and had an incredible time worshiping my Lord and Savior! I walked along the beach for over an hour just praising Him and His greatness! I also had a time to pray about my future and where He wants me! When doing this I realized how BIG He is and how small I am while looking out at the huge waves! Thank you God for knowing my future and caring to have a relationship with me! I love you so much!

Saturday, February 5

Flannel Friday at Thousand Pines!!!!!

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