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Sunday, January 17

Pressure Wash Magic!

When I got back from Peru I wanted to show my parents how much I loved them by helping them with something. So I got REALLY into pressure washing everything. Here are a few before and after pictures of all my hard work. I know the pictures can not begin to even show how much the ground changed. But when I got home there was mold and moss everywhere, and so I hope you can see a little of the change that took place! I love you Mom and Dad, and want to serve you in anyway I can! You are the best parents ever!

Saturday, January 16


So mom asked me if I liked her nails, and I said, "Nice Nails"! There is this wonderful place in Thailand that gives you a massage and an awesome pedicure for really cheap! The place is called Nice Nails! Every time I have gotten home from getting them down I take a picture and here is my history of Nice Nails!

First Time! (Back to Thailand)

Second Time! (Fall)

Third Time! (Christmas Time)

Fourth Time! (Last One)

Tuesday, January 12

Elephant Trunk Love

After growing up in Thailand I still feel that Elephants are the most wonderful animal ever! Especially to take pictures of!

And this is how it was done!