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Saturday, October 10

Mae Ngad Dam!

I went to the reservoir where the movie "Rambo IV" was filmed with the Thai Staff, and it was so much fun! It was just a get-away for the Thai Staff to relax, and a celebration for finishing off there year on the college campuses! Here are just a few pictures of what went down!

Pii Dew and I on the boat ride out to the Boat houses!

As soon as we got out to our floating houses we began to fish!

New and I getting ready to fish!

Getting a thai wash and massage at the Lake! It was awesome!

The Big fish that took 4 people to catch!

Dad with his trophies!

Pii Lamai and I with our catches!

New showing us his strong man shot with all the fish that were caught.

Kuala Lumpur Towers

I had to go to another country to get a new visa, so my mom and I found really cheap plane tickets to Malaysia! We went to Kuala Lumpur, and were able to see THE WORLDS TALLEST TWIN TOWERS! No joke! It was breath-taking, and so much fun! Here are some pictures of the famous towers!

My sweet photography skills!

Mom caught a photo of me at work! haha!

Bottom view!

The view from the middle bridge looking down!

The view from the middle bridge looking out to the city!

Mom and I on the middle bridge! The tour was awesome!

This is me sporting my Thai t-shirt in front of


Here is round two of Nice Nails! I love Thailand!