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Sunday, May 23

The Grace of Giving!

Do you live to give? What is the GRACE OF GIVING in my your life? What is your view about giving/tithing? Read: 2 Corinthians 8:1-9 or Malachi 3:7-10

God said to Abraham in Genesis, “I will bless you, so you can blessing to others.” Joseph titled 20% to Pharaoh in Genesis. Moses said God is going to bless my people. Trust in God and follow Him. In the Old Testament they were declaring their blessing so the Lord would bless them in return. By sacrificing a lamb and presenting the lamb to God so He would bless them that year and forgive their sins. The Egyptians brought an offering to Pharaoh to declare that he had AUTHORITY over the people. Declaring authority or reign by titling is showing TRUST.

Declaring their king- this is who has control over me. The PURPOSE of titling is about authority, trust, and declaring your king! Some people worship debt. Some people worship their credit cards like American Express. Where is your TRUST in God? Their needs to be some much trust and obedience knowing that God WILL provide your ever need. Maybe even after you give up every cent and trusting God will provide. The Church is the hope of the world give to your home Church not The Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity. When the money goes to the Church, the pastor and elders will answer to God.

ADOPTED BY GOD! Acts 4:32-35 says, "and there was much grace on them all." The gospel was being preached in Eph 1:1-6 and God adopted us into the family and it is undeserved mercy. Only by God’s grace! We are adopted and are sons and daughters of the God most high!

THE SENSE OF UNITY! Ephesians 4:1-7 says, "make every effort to keep the unity" -Give grace to others. We need to desire the unity and oneness in the body.

REMEMBERED THE POOR! Acts 4 says that they sold their land and put it at their leaders feet to be distributed to those in need. This was because they were so filled with God’s grace and were overflowing with love and mercy towards others. Luke 19 teaches that Joseph was filled with God’s grace and mercy that he sold his land God gave him a city in return. We may sometimes have things like royalty because of what God gives us.

Luke 16:10-13 Can you be trusted in handling worldly wealth? “You cannot serve God and Money.” All of North Americans money put together is more than the whole world. 1 in 4 Christians don't give any money. Is our confidence more in the dollar than the kingdom? Titling 10% should be the minimum is my view but it makes me sad to think that some Christians don’t give at all. In the Bible they gave themselves first to God and then to others! Grace takes me just as I am, empty-handed but filled with His love.

John 15:5 God dares us to declare our king and watch what He does! To see that He is in control and we can TRUST Him with everything. If God is blessing you, then you should be a blessings to others because of God has given you. Only By God’s Grace we can give to others!

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