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Thursday, May 13

Roommate Weekend!

A few weekends ago I drove to Bakersfield, California to catch up with my old college roommate! Rachel is now married to Brandon, who is another college friend. It was amazing to catch up and talk about past crazy memories that we shared together. Rachel is one of my partners in crime during my college years. She is one best friends that I respect so much! She is so brilliant and has her masters in Education and is teaching high school in Bakersfield! I am also so thankful for Rachel and all the papers she proof read for me in college. She turned my "C" papers into "A" papers! Thanks girl!

Rachel and Brandon moved right after getting married to plant a new Church in Bakersfield! They are such a bold couple to leave everything on the east coast and move to the west coast! After going to Church with them and hearing about all the different ministries, I truly was blown away with how God is using them. Brandon is so gifted in leading worship, leadership and most of all discipleship! I was so blessed to spend time with them and hear and see of how God is using them!

Brandon and Rachel you are such an amazing couple and I am so proud of you ! You are impacting so many lives!

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